As part of my job I get to work with a bunch of great (and usually slightly strange!) people from within the School of Science and also all around the world.  From collaborators to technical staff, here are a few of the ones who have put up with me (and my 4:30 am fieldwork wake-ups) on a semi-regular basis:

This group enjoys producing high-level science from difficult fieldwork in challenging and remote locations.  Here’s a few photos of them collaborating with team NZ in the Mekong Delta…

Featured here are Andrea Ogston, Aaron Fricke, Chuck Nittrouer, and former lab member Dan Culling.

They are a huge amount of fun to work with and it’s impossible not to learn a lot (but watch out for their lab parties…)

Iain MacDonald (NIWA)

Iain enjoys playing with mud, particularly of the flocculated variety and ensuring all floating instruments are ballasted correctly…
He loves fieldwork, rain or shine and is easily talked into building gigantic intertidal structures that are visible from space.

Johan Reyns (IHE-Delft, Deltares)

Johan enjoys type II fun, both at work and outside of work.  He  loves the challenge of modelling complex coastal systems (from coral reefs to muddy mangroves), usually fueled by large quantities of coffee.

Here’s Johan proving that modellers don’t just sit behind desks.

Dean Sandwell (Waikato)

Dean enjoys extreme instrument recovery during thunderstorms, tidy lab spaces (do not leave your tools in a mess) and eating tropical fruit.

Here’s Dean hanging out in a tree while undertaking some boat cowling repairs and retrieving instruments in the Mekong


Steve enjoys dreaming up new designs for field instrumentation and repairing everything from inflatable boats to shoes with duct tape.

Here’s Steve pausing fieldwork in the Mekong for some tea with the locals and demonstrating his excellent field repair skills.

Alex enjoys developing new acoustic instruments and falsely claiming he can skate a lot faster than his collaborators.

Here’s Alex in the field (right) and on a rare break from work…


Karin Bryan (Waikato)

Karin enjoys a wide range of research interests.  Despite claiming to be a modeller who doesn’t like snakes, we have spotted her out in the field smiling whilst getting muddy and swimming around in rip currents with surf-zone drifters.

Here’s Karin experimenting with rip currents. For some reason, we’d run out of students.

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